Who Belongs to the German National Community

Angela Merkel © 2013 Photographer Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters. All rights reserved.

The present article reconstructs the controversy raised during the speech on multiculturalism delivered by Merkel. This speech generated a large debate for the open criticism of immigration and multiculturalism not only in Germany but also elsewhere. However, the full transcript … Continue reading

Democracy and Public Space

Democracy & Public Space by John Parkinson -

In our extensive online world, democracy is increasingly made up of wikis and blogs, pokes and tweets. The traditional sites of democracy – assemblies, public galleries, and plazas - are becoming less relevant with every new technology. But democratic citizens are … Continue reading

The Underclass in Revolt

Riot Police -

During his recent election campaign, British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a conservative manifesto calling for the advent of a “big society” or in other words empowered the citizenry and a more responsible society. Following rioting in Tottenham and other … Continue reading